We’re a team that has collectively founded a college access organization serving low-income students, worked for edtech and fintech startups to build best in class education and financial products, suffered through financially induced college dropout firsthand, successfully navigated the two-to-four year pathway to a degree, struggled with the FAFSA, and have become fed up with the tremendous inequity in higher education.

Meet The Team

David Helene

Founder, CEO

David Helene has been a Brooklyn boy his whole life. After beginning his career in financial services, he was inspired to start a non-profit provider of college financial capability education for low-income students in New York. When he's not fighting for equity and justice in higher education, he's probably playing soccer or basketball somewhere in New York or eating Chocolate Fudge Brownies on the couch with his girlfriend.

Employee photo of David Helene
Tyler Slater

Chief Technology Officer

Tyler Slater is originally from Maryland where he started coding in high school. He has worked with several startups where his roles have ranged from building products from scratch to scaling apps to 500K+ users. If Tyler isn’t in the office he’s probably at coding meetups, riding his motorcycle or brushing up on his cooking skills.

Employee photo of Tyler Slater
Nina Krishnan

Chief Product Officer

Nina Krishnan hails from the San Francisco Bay Area. She kick-started her design career in the education technology space and quickly came to the realization that her passion lay at the intersection of education and equity. When she is not leveraging human-centered design to drive access and persistence in higher education, you can catch Nina producing music, boxing, or cackling at The Office.

Employee photo of Nina Krishnan
Maddie Black

Web Developer

Maddie Black is originally from Boise, Idaho. She started her career in tech by learning to code at a fully immersive Web Development bootcamp in Provo, Utah. She's passionate about financial health, problem solving, and building products that are both visually pleasing and delightful to use. In her spare time, Maddie can be found curled up on the couch with a bowl of popcorn watching crime TV shows.

Employee photo of Maddie Black
Drew Warren

Web Developer

Drew Warren was instilled with Southern Charm before trekking across the country to the mountains of Utah with his wife, Carin. Drew was excited to join Edquity after seeing first hand the effects of wealth inequality in South Carolina. When he's not writing code that impacts people's lives in a positive way, Drew enjoys snowboarding, biking and lounging with his dog, Potter and cat, Nina.

Employee photo of Drew Warren
Jason Branch

Product Designer

Jason Branch is a Brooklyn native. Growing up in the city with a background in economics, financial security has always been an interest. Starting out in financial services, designing for the underserved came naturally. When he’s not focusing on financial resources for students at Edquity, he’s doing it for the homeless for his Masters’ thesis. In his spare time, you can catch him watching Seinfeld reruns or the Lakers.

Employee photo of Jason Branch